Roll Your Own Utils

package Your::Utils;
use base 'Badger::Utils';

our $EXPORT_ANY = 'random';

sub random {    # chosen by fair dice roll
    return 4;   # guaranteed to be random
}               # See

Some time later in a module, far, far away...

use Your::Utils 'random params blessed max min';
Thus Spake Andy:

It's easy to create your own utility modules by subclassing Badger::Utils. You should declare any exportable functions using the $EXPORT_ANY package variable. This is the Badger equivalent of the @EXPORT_OK list you define when using $EXPORT_ANY can be a reference to a list of names (like Exporter), or a single string of whitespace delimited names. i.e. it's the same shortcut as we used when importing stuff from Badger::Utils. You can now import any of your new functions from Your::Utils module and all the functions defines by Badger::Utils, and those of its delegates (Scalar::Util, List::Util, etc).