More Badger::Class Hooks

use Badger::Class
    overload => {
        '""'     => \&my_text_method,
        bool     => sub { 1 },
        fallback => 1,

use Badger::Class
    as_text => \&my_text_method,
    is_true => 1;
Thus Spake Andy:

There's an overload hook which works just like use overload. However, every time I use it I have to look up the right magical incantation (all three parts) required to make my objects with auto-stringification methods work correctly. So we have the as_text and is_true shortcuts. The boolean "always true" fallback is so that an object containing an empty string or 0 value still yields a true value in boolean comparisons. Otherwise my $object = make_me_a_texty_object("0") die 'Oh crap!' will crap on you (which may be what you want).