Badger::Class for Introspection

package Your::Forager;

use Badger::Class 
    base   => 'Badger::Base',
    import => 'class';

our $FOO = 10;

sub init {
    my ($self, $config) = @_;

    $self->{ foo } = $config->{ foo }
        || $self->class->var('FOO');

    return $self;

Note: Just Works™ with subclasses

Thus Spake Andy:

You can also call the class() subroutine as a method against your objects. When Perl calls an object method it implicitly passes the object reference as the first argument. So $self->class is the same as class($self). We get back a Badger::Class object for whatever kind of package $self is blessed into. The var() method then returns the value of a package variable in that package. The above code is more long-winded than simply writing $FOO but it has the advantage of working correctly when you subclass the package. This may not be what you want, of course, in which case $FOO works just fine.