Download Badger

Stable Versions From CPAN

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You can install Badger using the CPAN module.

$ cpan Badger

Or you can download it from CPAN and install manually. The latest stable version, v0.15 is also available here. Install it as you would any other Perl module:

$ tar zxf Badger-0.15.tar.gz
$ cd Badger-0.15
$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install

Developer Releases

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We make intermediate developer releases between stable versions for advanced users wanting to try out the latest features. This also gives us an opportunity to submit release candidates for Badger to the CPAN Testers Network so that we can catch any bugs before they go live.

There are no developer releases available at present. The latest stable version is the most recent release.

Source Code Repository at GitHub

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Badger has switched to using git for source control. The new Badger repository is here: You can clone the repository using the following command.

$ git clone git://
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