Get Badger

$ cpan Badger

v0.03 / v0.03_2 / v0.04 RSN

Examples: HTML-Query Template-TT2

Thus Spake Andy:

Badger is on CPAN. Latest official version is 0.03, latest developer release is 0.03_2 which will be released as 0.04 some time this week (the first week of December). HTML-Query is a module I recently wrote using Badger. That's on CPAN if you want to see what it looks like in practice. Template::TT2 is a new implementation of Template Toolkit using Badger. That should also be out this week or soon after.

All trademarks are the properties of their respective owner and were generated using a custom TT filter which I admit I probably Went A Bit Overboard With™. Oops, sorry. There it goes again.